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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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been questioned in W.RNo.7356 of 1984 before the High Court. It
is contended that the said orders of Government of Andhra
Pradesh are illegal and apart there from the impugned orders dated
2-5-1984 and 8-5-1984 were issued without notice to the applicant
and therefore, they are liable to be set aside.
3.      On behalf of the respondents 1 and 2 a counter has been
filed denying the contentions of the applicant that the orders is-
sued by the Government of Andhra Pradesh are illegal. It is fur-
ther stated that no show cause notice need be issued since the
cancellation was done as per the order of the Andhra Pradesh
Government after thorough enquiries. It is contended that there
were no Beda Jangam people at all in the costal districts of Andhra
Pradesh and consequently the applicant cannot complain of the
violation of the principles of natural justice. For these reasons it is
averred in the counter that the application may be dismissed.
4.      A separate counter has been filed on behalf of the respond-
ent No.3 state of Andhra Pradesh, contending that the Memo
dated 3-4-1984 is quite legal, that it is according to the Presidential
order, that it was issued after proper notice to the said
Chandrasekharalingam and consequently orders were issued
concelling the caste certificate issued to Chandrasekharalingam
and that the orders of the Government of Andhra Pradesh hold-
ing that there is no Beda Jangarn Community in costal Andhr Area
proper and valid.
5.      We have heard the arguments of the learned counsel for the
applicant Sri Mohanreddi and the learned counsel for the
responents 1 and 2 Shri Naram Bhaskararao, Addl. Central Govt.
Standing Counsel. Shri Mohanreddi has brougthto our notice the
decision of the High Court of Andhra Pradesh reported in 1985(1)